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Changing lives through practical, hands-on education

Effective Training From a Proven Instructor


Our webinars change lives because the skills we teach are proven in real life

Our founder Tom Crosshill left a high-income job on Wall Street to fight for the rights of European investors. With a few talented partners, he built the revolutionary Latvian investment company INDEXO with several hundred million euros under management. The low-cost investment plans he managed consistently showed some of the best results nationally.

Now Tom helps regular people across Europe access effective, reliable, low-cost investments through his investment training programs. 

Tom Crosshill is also an internationally-recognized author with works available in ten languages.


  • We pack every single course with practical, hands-on value. If you follow the instructions and do the work, your skills will begin to change immediately.

    That said, just watching a video isn’t enough. We’ll provide the instructions and the support – you’ve got to do the work!

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