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Our webinars change lives because the skills we teach are proven in real life

Our founder Tom Crosshill left a high-income job on Wall Street to fight for the rights of European investors. With a few talented partners, he built the revolutionary Latvian investment company INDEXO with several hundred million euros under management. The low-cost investment plans he managed consistently showed some of the best results nationally.

Now Tom helps people across Europe access effective, reliable, low-cost investments through his investment training programs. 

Tom Crosshill is also an internationally-recognized author with works available in ten languages.

Our Management Team



Chief Instructor

Entrepreneur and finance executive with 15 years of experience in the financial services. Co-founder and first CEO (2017-2020) of the EU-based asset manager INDEXO. Started his career at Wall Street investment banks UBS and Scotia Capital in the US. 



Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Experienced finance executive. Previously member of the management board at INDEXO Open Pension Fund. Graduate of Stockholm School of Economics Riga. Has previously taught seminars and mentored students on various business and financial topics. Joined his former colleague Tom Crosshill to co-found Crosshill Training.


Crosshill Global Solutions LLC has entered agreement nr. SKV-L-2021/390 dated 2021-11-24 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia to receive support within the Promotion of International Competitiveness program, cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund.